The iOS app v2.8.6 does not allow


… downloads and uploads to occur in the background. As soon as I put the app in the background, any file transfer is interrupted.

Are you familiar with this problem? Can it be possibly traced back to my seafile server installation (Seafile Pro 6.3.13 @ current Debian 9/Apache 2)?

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P.S. As soon as I change from landscape to portrait mode, the display of file info within the list alters. Seems like the app is not properly adjusted (regarding the resolution) to my iPhone Xr. Just give it a try!


This is a limitation of iOS system. You have to put the App in the frontend during file transfer.


Thanks for the clarification, Daniel! Do you also have any idea, why the change of format (landscape -> portrait) results in a different alignment of the file info?

It goes like:

  1. landscape mode:

size, date.

  1. portrait mode:

size, date.

Cheers Dandu


Is there anbody else able to confirm this display behaviour? To me it appears like a rather less significant bug, which could be fixed in the upcoming version of the iOS app.

Cheers Dandu


@Daniel: “pcloud” offers an app, which is allowing background transfers. Somehow they must be able to bypass your aforementioned restriction. In addition it’s kind of irritating to offer an option within your app, that says “upload in the background” (regarding the automatic foto upload) if it’s actually not possible.

Cheers Dandu


I don’t know whether pcloud’s background transfers is reliable.

We offer the option for “do our best to upload in the background” and not let iOS to stop the Seafile App when it is in background.