Theme switcher?


I have created a light and a dark theme (alpha versions) for my seafile server. Today I have to copy the content of custom.css a lot of times concerning the theme I want to use.

A button in the admin panel would be nice so that the admin can change a theme which is located in /seahubdata/custom/themes. So everybody can put the own css files /light.css, dark.css, …) in this folder an choose the theme in teh admin panel. If the folder is empty the standard theme should be used.


I have 2 different css-files. One for a light theme and one for dark theme. I don’t want to copy the files every time I want to change the theme. Thatswhy it wouldbe nice If I can do this via the admin panel in the webinterface without login in ssh and copy the files.

I can’t find a solution in your quotes or in the links in your quotes.

@meowClown Care to share those themes for us to enjoy? It doesn’t matter if they are in Alpha.
Feel free to post it on this thread:

I wish there was a single place for us to post our themes for other people to search through a be able to pick and theme Seafile instantly.

You will find the themes on my github account:

The light theme (master branch) is ready to use. The dark theme (branch named dark) is under construction. There are a lot of elements on the gui which are not ready yet but you can take a look.

Like that dark version.

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