I’ve been with Seafile for several years now and I love it.

I just found a relatively old plugin for Thunderbird. Although not perfect, it still works wonderfully and I would love to see it followed and maintained as part of the official Seafile project, as it seems the original author stopped working on it.

You can find it here:

All the best.


It is better if some community member can maintain it.

Well I agree, but if there’s nobody, would be a shame to lose such a convenient add-on. So far it still works ok (although there’s place for improvement) after 2 years.

How do you use this? I installed addon but can’t find any settings.

After installation, from main interface go to Edit > Preferences and then Attachments and add an Outgoing Service.
It is recommended to create a dedicated library for this (as proposed by the application).

Hello @drdrake , @popindavibe
I created a new thunderbird seafile extension. It is available in the addons store of Thunderbird as “Seafile Filelink2” (Notice the “2” in the name). This addon is still experimental !
Since I just created my account here, I cant insert a link in a new post.