Toolbar absent in the web-interface of the read-only shared library

After update my Seafile server 5.1.4 to 7.1.3. I have a problem - the toolbar absent in the read-only shared library.
I’m talking about this toolbar: Tolbar
If library belongs to me, or shared as read-write, all ok and toolbar is present:

But if library shared as read-only the toolbar is absent:

If toolbar is absent, I can not download marked files and folders as single archive file.
I use Ubuntu 18.04 and Seafile 7.1.3 64bit CE.

Do you have a content blocker? Anything in developer console?

Yes I have blocker in my main browser.
But I checked this problem in “incognito mode” and in two other browsers.
I do not think the problem in blocker, because the toolbar is normal dispalyed in all libraries, excluding “read-only”.

In devs console only one error:
folder-read-only-192.png:1 GET https://XXX.XX.XX.XXX/media/img/folder-read-only-192.png 404 (Not Found)
File “folder-read-only-192.png” is really absent, but this file is not need for toolbar IMHO.

I guess you use some custom CSS. If there is none in System Administration > Settings, please check the

No, I have no any custom CSS in Settings or in my at all.

I tested this problem on clear installation of SeaFile Server for generic Linux 7.1.3 64bit on fresh installed Ubuntu 18.04 server. And I have the exactly same problem - toolbar absent in the read-only shared library.
Can anyone help me with this problem please?

After update to new 7.1.4 version of Seafile server, my problem is still here…