Totally unexpected behaviour when resynchronising Seadrive

In this post, I was trying to solve why some files didn’t appear to be synchronising after I moved them. Well I’ve found the reason which is a real gotcha! I was wondering why some icons were brown like this:


This is a BIG clue that your Seadrive folder has changed. Unbeknown to me, when you resync an account in Seadrive, it creates a completely new folder structure:

I use Windows folder redirection to map Documents, Desktop etc. to my Seafile folder. So I’ve been merrily updating the wrong documents but fortunately for only two days.

I think a BIG warning should be displayed when you resync Seadrive that the folder has changed…

Sometimes it is necessary, to change things - and as a developer you might not expect users to use some functionality in a particular way - without knowledge it’s nearly impossible to anticipate all way’s to use a function.
Because Windows default policy is to create it, even if the networking file system does not exist.
For that exact reason I didn’t use folder redirection. - I want to be aware, if something goes awry.

Instead, I included my Seafile Documents and Pictures Library paths in the standard Windows library Documents, Pictures etc. and set those paths as default create/ store location.

Another benefit is, that local file are shown in a unison way along with all my documents which are stored on Seafile. For example all my git repositories (which are obviously synchronized using git) are under the local Documents paths, but from the library view it’s like they are stored beside/ along with all my other documents.

This would have fallen fowl of the same issue. If you re-synchronised Seadrive, the folder path changes so those paths in the library would point to a location no longer synchronised with Seafile.

I don’t fundamentally have a problem with Seadrive switching to a new folder when issuing re-sync - although I’d prefer it not to do it. But it’s the fact that it was a silent change - if you’re not aware of it, it causes the following issues:

  1. Any shortcuts or recent files will open the wrong document - I use Excel to generate invoices. I was updating via recent file and ended up with version control clashes/risk of loosing money
  2. Folder redirection breaks if you’ve done this
  3. Any new documents created via old shortcuts won’t be uploaded to Seafile
  4. Old copies of files are left on the hard drive taking up space

I was caught out because OneDrive /reset which I assumed does something similar doesn’t change the folder path.

I’d prefer resync to not switch to a new path/folder structure but if it has to, please tell me!

We’ll add a message to notify this behavior.


Thanks Jonathan - that will be the simplest solution :slight_smile:

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Might it be possible to implement a simple dialog to ask, whether to overwrite/ merge it into the current/ default directory or into a new one.

I’m not sure if @Rob_Nicholson did the Resync for a specific purpose. But I imagine many people would like to stay in on “root” folder by default.

With the Dialog choice you would be able to define a default, and also provide feedback to the user that it can be changed to a different location.

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I did it because Seadrive on my PC wasn’t seeing some changes made on my laptop. Did it in an attempt to get it synchronising again.

I guessed as much. That should be the “common” use case for a re-sync action.
I think the dialog would be the best option - in that case the user is aware, and still the option to re-sync to a different directory is provided.