Transfer Libraries to a Department

we’re trying to restructure everything using the new departments system, however the only way I can see to get the data to libraries owned by the departments is to create a new library in the department and move the data across, it’d be much easier to just transfer the library as we have tonnes and I can’t migrate libraries I am not the owner of… It’s going to be a difficult one to, for example have to explain to HR to make a new library in this department area then go back select all the files and move them to the new place, and also lose any custom shares that have been made… I can’t (well I can but I shouldn’t) transfer the library to myself as there’s confidential information in there, hopefully there’s something I’m missing


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It’s currently not possible. We’ll add this to our plan.

Given that it is currently not possible using the UI… one way could be to do it via database.

I’m not sure if this is migrated by changing a library owner, currently. At least previously the share links were bound to the user and when the user didn’t have access anymore stopped working. So, I’m not sure if they would be transferred, although it would make sense.

That’s great, any sort of ETA on that? Hopefully it’s not much more complicated than a usual transfer of ownership

We consider to add this feature after 7.0 is released. It should be next year.