Transfer library security question

in our department a question regarding the security came up, when a user transfers a library to another user.
At the moment, every user can transfer a library to any other user without permission. The receiving user even dosen’t get informed about the transfer. He doesn’t get a mail and there’s no hint in the activity log. What, if a user transfers a library with compromising content to another user? Why doesn’t the other user have to approve the transfer, and how can he evidence, that the library came from the other user?

Thanks in advance.

The intended use case for library transfer is for users left a company and transfer the library to others.

We haven’t thought about this problem yet. Fortunately, this kind of abuse has not happened so far. We will add a notification for the user that receive the transfer in the next release. So at least, he/she can know who transferred the library.


Sounds great. Thanks :slight_smile: