Transferring data to new user bug?

I have a 5.03 server with the latest windows version 6 client.
When i want to move data from a user who gets a new email adres i am unable to change the user’s email address. So i figgered i create a new user with a new email adres and simply transfer all the data.
So said, so done.

However when this windows user want’s to access his data in his new profile he gets errors from seafile client.
We found out that removing to old account from the windows seafile client solves the problem.
But it seems to me the client expirences a problem with the data who first belonged to 1st userID, and can not accept this as long as UID1 exist.

I forsee probleems in the future if this allso happens with a server 6.x because i support another group that has seafile server 6, and does exactly what the user above describes, move data from 1 user to another while maintaining the 1ste UID.

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Hello, do you mean the desktop client can’t sync the library if you don’t delete the old user account in the client?


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