Transferring Files from Unencrypted Library to Encrypted


Is it possible to transfer files from unencrypted libraries to encrypted libraries?

I can see this error in the log:

[ERROR] seahub.api2.endpoints.repos_batch:1147 post Can’t copy files between encrypted repo(s)

…so I’m assuming it’s not possible.

Essentially I’m trying to move to all libraries being encrypted. But with hundreds of GB of files I am trying to avoid having to copy everything out of seafile and then re-import it using seaf-import.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Welcome to the Forum!

You cannot move file from ordinary to encrypted or encrypted to ordinary libraries. You need to go via the client or - I did not verify, but it should work - use the API.

With Seafile server 9.0.7, I attempted using the API to copy files to and from an encrypted library to a non-encrypted library (both ways) and it failed both time with the same error. Below, the error message showing up for all cases, in seahub.log:

2022-09-04 16:26:11,847 [ERROR] seahub.api2.endpoints.repos_batch:1378 post Can’t copy files between encrypted repo(s)