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I want to ask you. Now in Transifex arrived new translation strings with language’s names. There’s no context so I did copy&paste for keep original(national) names. Someone from germany for example can setup Czech translation for Seahub, and he will not able to set it back cause he don’t know what is translation from Czech language Deutsch.

So can be there some contextual help for what are translation used?

Do you mean the translation of here ?

Yes, but this part I translated months ago. Now three days ago it appear in translation again, so I guess it’s some of new settings which will come in new version.

I have also “searched” to be a part of the project but noone are accepting me, it’s some misspellings in Swedish etc.

Sorry we don’t often login to Transifex. Have you sent a request to join the seahub translation team yet ? I didn’t see such a request in Transifex notification.

Or could you send it again ?

When I’m trying to join the team now I can’t choose Swedish from the list why’s that?

That’s strange, as I can choose Swedish.

I have already requested to join the team, thats why.
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Robin Johansson requested to join the Swedish language in the team seahub team.
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Just accept it :slight_smile: