Transplanting client seafile-data to another client OS: possible?

I recently had to do a fresh installation of my operating system (Ubuntu 16.04) on my laptop. I have restored the data in my /home folder, including folders that were synced with Seafile libraries, the $HOME/Seafile directory that contains .seafile-data, and the $HOME/.ccnet folder. I was hoping that upon installing the Seafile client, things would simply pick up where they left off, so to speak, but this is not the case. The reason I want this to work is twofold:

  1. I have quite a bit of personal data synced with Seafile, and re-downloading it onto my computer via the client will take quite some time: I host my own Seafile Server on a Raspberry Pi using my domestic internet connection, so download speeds aren’t great.
  2. There is a soft-link in one of my originally synced folders to a very large external directory, and I would like for the client to pick this up in my new installation (i.e. I don’t want to download the entirety of the linked folder when I re-sync the library on my new install, because then I will have to remove this folder so I can re-establish the softlink, which will then instigate the re-upload of the content in the original linked folder).

I have noticed the client installation overwrites my old $HOME/Seafile directory, and even after I restore this folder again from backup, the client does not seem to recognize the libraries. I have tried using the ‘Sync with existing folder’ option, but that doesn’t seem to work either: oddly, nothing happens. I have installed the client from the official Seafile Client PPA in case that is relevant.

Any guidance or suggestion is welcome!

There is an option to sync a library with an existing folder.

As I mention towards the end of my OP, I did try the ‘Sync with existing folder’ option, but strangely nothing happened: the library continued to say it was not synced, and no changes in the local folders have any effect. This may very well be due to the fact that I have attempted to ‘transplant’ the old config and data folders, so perhaps a fresh installation is what I should try next?

Will the server be able to recognize that the files are the same? I don’t have a very extensive knowledge about the delta encoding employed by Seafile. And I still have my worries about the soft-link that is in one of my folders not being recognized either…

In case another internet wanderer stumbles upon this question looking to do something similar, I was able to get this to work in the end! The issue seemed to be my copying of the .ccnet/ folder.

If one ditches this, but keeps the .seafile-data/ folder along with all of the other folders that were synchronised in the same place, then a new installation of the Seafile Client should just ‘pick up where it left off’, none the wiser. The client will still ask you register a server/account at the beginning, but in my case things were already syncing before this prompt came up, so I just closed this and the normal sync client main window popped up showing all of my folders in the synced state. Yay! :grin: