Tree view partial sync of library

Hi everyone,

Seafile is really a great tool, yet I really miss something simple. It would be nice I think to have a kind of tree view for syncing only a sub part of a library (as in ownCloud Client). That means you need to define only once which folders, sub folders, sub sub … folders you want to sync and which you don’t. Folders added later into a subfolder will still be included, unless you actively deactivate them after they were created.

In Seafile App today, you need to select each sub folder individually from a library which you want to sync (if you don’t want to sync the whole library), which means it is much more work to be done than it is in ownCloud Client (for that aspect only, I like ownCloud more than Seafile :wink: ).

Maybe you can add an optional tree view for people who want to use it, and others stay with the current situation?


You want this in the seafile client, doesn’t you?

Yes, sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Are you thinking about to put this into the Seafile Client, or rather not?

I just thought once about the effort it would take, but I don’t think that’s important, you do this one time. I won’t make it, I think other things are much more important.