Trouble after 5.1.4 update

Hello, I have faced some problem. The server version was updated from 5.0.1 to 5.1.4. After that web gui stopped working. Yet, web gui is working while running 5.0.1. version. Seahub runs without any errors. There are no errors in logs. The system uses nginx reverse proxy. I also tried changing the line with the pass for static files in the nginx settings. Yet, that had no effect. When I try to open any of web gui pages, 404 error appears. The problem occures only with 5.1.4 version; 5.0.1. runs without any problems. I also tried to run under root permission.
P.S.: I use SQLite database.

Have you installed python-urllib3?

yes, this lib installed.

Can you try use chrome or firefox debug mode to check where 404 error come from?