Trying to compile/install seafile-server on Alpinelinux (from rpi/

Hello Forum,

I try to install seafile-server on my favourite distro Alpinelinux using the from github (/haiwen/seafile-rpi) All dependencies were installed manually, so I commented out the appropriate line “install_dependencies”. As I would like to deploy the server wilth sqlite3 I also commented out the line “MYSQL_CONFIG_PATH=”. Nevertheless during execution of “ 8.0.3” in “install_thirdparty” I at first got errors regarding mysql. Somehow I overcame these deleting the respective line in “requirements.txt” after having interrupted the build and invoked “install_thirdparty” alone (commenting out anything else in just leaving “prepare_build” and “export_pkg_config_path”). But now I’m a bit lost: I get errors regarding “wheel” and “lxml” which I have no idea to overcome.

My question: If all dependencies for building seafile-server should(!) be resolved by the OS itself, what are these thirdparty installs for?

Thank you for reading!

“Troubleticket”-Joe ;o)