Two Bugs: PDFs in iOS App, Contextual Menu in Mac


I’m reporting two bugs. I’m glad for your advice/ help/ fix.

— Seafile Pro App – PDFs
We have mysteriuos problems opening PDF files in the Seafile Pro iOS App. Some PDF open, some not.
iOS is v11.3.1
APP v2.7.6
Server CE v6.2.5

Also, accessing shares in Seafile through the “Files” app of Apple opens even less PDFs.
Plus (probably unrelated): “Files” does not reload new libs/repositories when created on the server (caching problem?). There is no way to reload/recache in that “Files” app.

— Seafile Client Mac – Contextual Menus
In version 6.1.8 of the Mac client (via self update) the contextual menu feature for producing anonymous web links is broken. Is working still in 6.1.7.

I think this part is important for integration into iOS. No cache reload means:
Leave XYZ app > Goto Seafie App > Close it > Reopen, Reload > Go back to other app