Two client users on same computer conflict when sync is on

We need a second user to share the same computer with an existing Seafile client user. The current user has sync turned on so that she can access her files locally on the computer as well as in Seafile. The second user logs in on the client with his own account on the same computer. When the second user makes changes to a file in Seafile the change does not show up for the first user. There is a second file on the SeaFile server instead. This conflict does not show up if syncing is turned off, but the users want to use sync for efficiency reasons.

Is there a way around this? (We are using the latest v6 level version of the client)

I am uploading a screenshot showing to two files, the original and the edited one marked at conflicting.

That looks like a typical file lock from MS Office. Have you tried opening and editing the file with OnlyOffice instead?

Thank you for the idea. This is the first time I have seen Office do such a thing. The Office file locks I am familiar are of the form ~$.xlsx Do you know what circumstances apply? Switching away from MS Office is not an option for my client.

Yes, those are the locks I’m thinking of. The topic seems to be fairly common here so you might do a quick search and gather a few tip and tricks. I bet another reader who has a deeper understanding of the mechanism involved will chime in and fill some gaps.

As far as I know the current version of OnlyOffice Desktop does not support a connection to Seafile (via WebDAV, for example) so you would have to edit the files from within the browser-based editor.

In any event, if you don’t already have it, the addition of OnlyOffice to your Seafile server could be a useful addition. As far as I can tell it does support the kind of collaborative editing you are looking for. Maybe in another context it would be a life-saver.