Two-factor auth with iOS or Mac client on Seafile 6.x pro

Hey all,

I just enabled two-factor auth on my user account Seafile server but now cannot figure out how to log in with the iOS or Mac clients.

According to the release announcement, “After setup, the next time when the user login via Web UI or desktop/mobile clients, a dialog will popup and ask for the authentication code” but on both the iOS and Mac clients I just get a message that says “Wrong username or password” and no prompt to enter my 2FA code. I also did not see any way to generate a one-time use password as some other services with 2FA offer.

Anyone else run into this or have a solution? Have been searching through the docs, the web, and trying everything, but can’t find any answer.


Ooof nevermind this, turns out my password manager goofed sync so I was using the wrong password.

Now that I have the correct one, everything is working smoothly as expected! Such an embarrassing mistake :sweat:

Apologies, I’d delete this thread but don’t see a way to do it.