Two url's, one share link?

So I run my one seafile server which is truly awesome! thanks for making this product :slight_smile:

I run two domains which point to my server but when I share something from my server, nomatter from which domain I am pointed to the server, it always takes one of the two (always the same) domain as share link. Could this be pointing to the current domain from which I’m visiting?

So: gives share link: gives share link:

But what would be nice: gives share link: gives share link:

I don’t think that you can do that :slight_smile:
The generated links use the domain name that you set in SERVICE_URL in Seahub.
No matter where you generate your link from, it will always be generated using this one and only domain name.
However, I think that if you manually replace DomainA with DomainB within your share link, the link will still be working.

You could probably hack it into nginx (to replace the share link url, when it is requested from domainB).


Yes it does work when i manually replace the link, but that’s more work :wink:

Anny suggestions on how to?