Ubuntu 16.04 - status code 500

Hi all,

A new issue appeared and I want to catch it :slight_smile:
I have downloaded the latest ubuntu (pro) package including the ubuntu suffix.

When I search and edit the files, I get failed to upload, like xls or docx in Word.
[06/25/17 09:52:53][AutoUpdateManager] failed to upload new version of file XX//Files/test.docx
[06/25/17 09:58:23]request failed for XX/seafhttp/update-api/XX-XX-XX-XX-XX: status code 500

This issue is new for me and I cannot find any errors, except the one in this topic.

If I look through the files manually, I do not see any problems and uploading is working well… :sweat_smile:
So the problem is only in the seafile client in the search section

Some testresults:

  • Open and edit files from the tab: Activities is working fine (open file from history)
  • Search and edit is only working when I sync the directories with my computer, but not directly from the client without auto sync…
  • Clear and rebuild search index without results.
  • Re-uploaded the data, to be sure, also without results.

It is a recent and clean installation on ubuntu 16.04 with the ubuntu suffix version. (6.1.1)

@daniel.pan Is this error related to the server or client application? Tested different things, without any results.

New uploaded files can be edited via search results … I’m confused. Is it something with the old files from an old seafile environment? How is this possible? But only new files…

Uploading the old files again does not work for the search bug.