Ubuntu Xenial supported?

I’d like to set up a new seafile pro server (machine and software). Installation guide says Debian Wheezy and Jessie but only Ubuntu Trusty, not Xenial. Is this still correct? So, since Trusty is quite old, I’d prefer Debian Jessie. What do you think?

My server is running on Xenial without any problems. The manual even mentions which packages need to be installed on Ubuntu 16.04, see http://manual.seafile.com/deploy/using_mysql.html


I am running seafile CE and pro on Debian 8 without any problems.

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Thank you guys! So I’ll just have to decide whether to go the debian or the ubuntu way.

@Jochen I recommend to use ubuntu since the seafile team did a lot of testing on it and officially supports the server for ubuntu. Also Debian uses a lot older packages …

Ok. think I’d go with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I’d like to do the installation with the installer script but on Github I can’t find a guide for an ubuntu pro installation!?
Is this site just not up to date or will the installer script not be maintained any longer (since it was written by the GmbH)?

We will add a script for Ubuntu 16.04 within a few weeks.

Thank you very much Daniel! Really appreciate the great work you’re doing!