Unable to Connect Externally

Hi Fellow Forum Goers!

I’ve recently installed Seafile Server on my workplace Windows 10 terminal. Since finishing the installation all computers on the network are able to access Seafile both via our browsers and through the Windows Desktop Client however, remote terminals and consoles cannot. I have the client installed on a remote PC which is able to connect and obtain a list of libraries and allows me to browse the libraries as well. I cannot however, syncronise or upload and download via the web browser. As I said before, this is only remote terminals outside the local network.

Before anyone offers up advise or solutions I should point out in advance that I am a complete novice with seafile and was only able to install it and get it working this far because I had help from a friend. Any advise or solutions will have to be explained in specific detail with all file paths listed and instructions clearly stated. I’m terribly sorry for any hassle this may cause but it’s the only way I’ll be able to understand.

Thank you in advance.

(PS: If you want further information or have suggestions I can provide remote access to the hosting computer via teamviewer. Please contact me directly to arrange a time. Thank you)

Hi There Everyone,

After a full weekend of fighting with my computer to get Seafile working I’ve returned to work and gotten it going in only a few minutes.

I had the wrong SERVICE_URL entered. For anyone else having similar issues:

The SERVICE_URL should be your public IP Address and the forwarded port number entered as:
http://123.456.789:8000 (Or whatever your port number happens to be)

The FILE_SERVER_ROOT field should be:

I hope this helps anyone else having similar issues.