Unable to delete photos on Android through Seafile client sync

Hi all,

I’m intending to use Seafile and the Android client (2.2.8) to sync and archive photos from my smartphone. So far, the upload went great. I’m generally very impressed with Seafile.

But I didn’t manage to actually move photos away from the smartphone. On a desktop client, I moved some photos from the synced Camera folder to a folder outside the library, intending to archive them and save space on the smartphone. The photos did go away in the library, but they were not actually deleted on the Android.

Is the Android client even capable of this? What I need is a two way sync of the photo folders, I suppose.

And… is there a detailed description somewhere of what the Android client can do and can’t do? I couldn’t seem to find it.

Regards, Lars

when you archive or move your photos in the seafile library, the photos of smarphone are not deleted automatically, you must delete them manually. there is no bi-directional syncronistation …

Thanks for the answer, I had a suspicion that was the case.

I used syncthing before for this purpose and I worked, but I want to migrate to Seafile for all my syncing needs. This is the first feature I miss.

Any suggestions? How do you archive photos from smartphone? I refuse to manually delete photos one at a time…

I am using the android client to upload my photos and video,
and then I rearrange my photos and video directly on my desktop or my laptop, once the reorganization done, I delete all the photo and video in one go of the smartphone.