Unable to download from WEB/iPhone App (not using Apache or Nginx)

I have installed Seafile Server 6.0.1 and I am not able to download files from either the web interface or the iPhone app. I configured my system very simple at first, no Apache and no Nginx.

When I wasn’t able to download I considered using Apache SSL so I went ahead and started to set that up. I wasn’t even able to get into the web interface, so I have reverted back to the simple installation without Apache.

The only thing I think could be affecting the downloading is this option from the admin area.When I try to remove the FILE_SERVER_ROOT I get an error that it is required but the test says it should be blank.

I am debating again whether to try and get this working or go back to trying to get Apache SSL working. I fear that the manual right now on the site is geared towards the 5.x.x version and not the 6.x.x version.

Does anyone have any guidance they can share?

if u are not using Apache/Nginx, the FILE_SERVER_ROOT should be something like http://<your-ip-or-domain>:8082, u can directly visit this url, which will lead to a blank page.

Something was wrong but I couldn’t figure it out. I had tried what you said after having posted my original message but it didn’t work for some reason. It was a logical choice but for some reason it would hang on trying to download a file.

So I decided to start over. I completely removed the installation I had and this time I went right for the Apache installation from the start. I am able to get in on port 80 and I am now able to download. I also took the opportunity to use MySQL this time which I can only think is a good thing. Now I have a service on port 443 that can’t be moved so I am going to try SSL through another port. Hopefully THAT works :slight_smile: