Unable to load font files from the server & unable to generate sharing links on web ui

After upgrading to seafile7.0.0, I have been not able to generate share links of my libraries via web ui. Nothing happens when I click the “share” button on the web ui. Other buttons like “new file”, and “about” in the left corner, do not work as well.
The seahub log says the web server cannot find some font files and return 404 to the clients. The web browser therefore has a long waiting time trying to load these files before the web ui becomes available.
I suppose that the first problem is caused by the second one. Maybe it’s because the HTML elements of these buttons included such fonts, so they do not work without the font files loaded.

Most of the buttons that appear after right clicking each individual files lost their functionalities too. These buttons are like “share”,“move”,"copy"and “tag”. Download and delete work normally.