Unable to login after upgrade from Seafile server 8.0.x to 9.0.10


I’ve upgraded a 8.0.3 server installation to 9.0.10 by uncompressing, as usual, the new x86-64 tarball and running upgrade/upgrade_8.0_9.0.sh. All seemed ok, seafile and seahub services did start correctly but I cannot login anymore neither from the web interface nor from client app.

I found this only related error in seafile.log:
../common/seaf-db.c(924): Failed to execute sql SELECT e.id, e.email, is_staff, is_active, ctime, passwd, reference_id, role FROM EmailUser e LEFT JOIN UserRole ON e.email = UserRole.email WHERE e.email=?: Unknown error

If I manually do the query in the ccnet-db database by replacing e.email=? with an existing email (e.g. e.email="user@example.com") the result seems ok.

Does anybody have any hint that could help me solve this problem? Thanks!