Unable to Login using OAuth

I have a Keycloak server, I was earlier facing Oauth2 problems this issue. That Issue is solved now, now what happens is when I click on Single Sign on link in seafile login page, it redirects me to my Keycloak server and then after authentication it only puts me back to login page of seafile, no error is thrown. While i see via system admin account, that account gets added already in seafile. What should I do? I want that it should login inside seafile also, it just authenticates and make new account and put on login page.

I am also having this same problem. I am using Keycloak as well and performed the same steps as listed in the Oauth2 Problems link to get everything working. Everything seems to work fine except the callback. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I think this is by design. I really need this to forward to the URL that the person was on the way to before logging in. Without search, and not being able to link to anything because of the login messing up accessing the file (only if you have to login but most people don’t know that).

This is where the code redirects to home page. (I think)
at the end of seahub/seahub/oauth/views.py

# redirect user to home page
response = HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('libraries'))
response.set_cookie('seahub_auth', email + '@' + token.key)
return response

This code change fixes the issue?

No. This is the code that is already there in oauth/views.py. I was just pointing out that I don’t think this is supposed to forward you properly. It looks like it is set to statically put you on the “Libraries” page after logging in, instead of what would make sense to forward you to what you were trying to view in the first place. I also looked through the git repository and it looks like the code has always been this way. I might be way off on this and really need help getting it to forward properly. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!