Unable to see all files from seahub


I’ve uploaded several files through the Windows client.
I first download the library to my computer, added the files and sync the libraries.

The new files are present on seahub but it’s like everything is not loaded properly.
On the Android client, I see them all.

There is no error in the console.

Server: 6.0.0
OS: Raspbian (latest)

What’s the difference between the webinterface and android? Why do you think that “everything is not loaded properly”?

Maybe you should clear the cache of your browser.

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Hello Marcus,

Clearing browser data (cache + cookie + …) did the trick. Do you know why I have to do that?
I hope I don’t have to clear browser data every time I upload through client.

Thank you!

No problem :slight_smile:

Sometimes the browser caches data in order to load pages faster, because the cache is stored on you local disk. So it may be possible that the content on the webserver has changed and you still have the old page in the cache of your browser. Sometimes a simple reload of the page helps, if not, you have to clear the cache or try to disable it in your browsers settings.

STRG+F5 helps in most cases I think.