Unable to share seafile link's using windows explorer


I’ve been running Seafile for quite a while now and recently created a new instance up in the cloud, everything is fantastic but none of my Seafile client’s on any machines can generate a share link from Windows Explorer only, if i open the “Cloud File View” i can generate the links there and have dealt with it for a while but its starting to drive me crazy, figured i would post here and see if anyone has run into this.

Things i’ve tested or double checked, ALL log file’s, server, client, web server (nginx), configuration’s.

This is a standard HTTPS configuration using Nginx, the data was not “migrated” it was all put in new, i’m on Pro Server Version: 7.0.13.

I’m officially stumped. Thanks.

Are you using the latest version of the client? Sync or Drive client?

Sorry for the late response, latest client and pro version, after an absolute ton of digging and reinstall of everything (client and server) I ended up firing up a virtual machine and installing Seafile on a fresh load of Windows 10, it works there… only the clients that previously were logged into my old server are giving me issues, I tried a fresh install deleting ccnet folder, seafile folder, and any associated registry keys i could find, it did not help.