Unable to upload files thru webgui

Hi everybody and happy new year !

fresh install : seafile pro server 6.0.5 / debian 8/ nginx https
I always have “unknown error” file upload failed when I try to upload a file through the browser (firefox, chrome, opera) while it works fine with the seafile client
Before I configure https it was working perfectly with http
I tried to find a solution in the forums, but no way.
Help needed ! thank you in advance

Make sure SERVICE_URL in ccnet.conf and FILE_SERVER_ROOT in seahub_settings.py are set correctly.


They should be like:

FILE_SERVER_ROOT = ‘https://yourseafile.td/seafhttp
SERVICE_URL = https://yourseafile.td

The problem had nothing to do with seafile nor nginx. It was related to the domain name/IP.
Thank you