Unable to use WebDAV secret


I’m hosting Seafile server for years now and happiliy using it. Just one feature just won’t work: Using WebDAV secret as password when doing WebDAV.

There have been some changes to WebDAV secret in the changelogs, but still after upgrading to 9.0.4 it just doesn’t work.
I’ve tried to trim down the length to 10 ASCII characters, disable 2FA, reset, redo.
But still seafdav.log tells me
Authentication (basic) failed for user ‘user@domain’, realm ‘Seafile Authentication’.

What I find puzzling is that the plain account password works for WebDAV even if 2FA is activated. Because in my eyes, reason for a separate WebDAV secret is exactly when 2FA is active because normal account password shouldn’t work anymore.

So any ideas? Anything I can check?


WebDAV secret is designed for users login with single sign on that don’t have password. It is not designed for the use case your described.

Erm, okay. That’s something I’ve missed then.
So there’s an
if password is empty, then
accept webdavsecret for login to WebDAV