Unable to view or download files on iOS and web client [SOLVED]

Hello people, I could not find a forum post relevant to this issue:

As expected: Seafile Pro (2.9.18) for iOS 15.5 connects and displays directory structures properly.
I am able to upload and download encrypted and unencrypted libraries via Linux/Mac clients. The files are OK.

But the iOS app fails to download files (from both encrypted and unencrypted libraries): “Failed to download file”.
PDF.js throws: Message: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

Tested with a small JPG with no spaces in the file name and various other file types.

This looks like permission issues, but the services are run as user “seafile” who recursively owns /opt/seafile containing all the server logic. Possibly an nginx issue?

Do you have an idea?

Possibly related:

  • iOS: In unencrypted libraries, thumbnails are visible. In encrypted libraries, they are not.
  • Web: In unencrypted libraries, files are viewable. In encrypted libraries, they are not.
  • iOS: My avatar is not visible.
  • Web: My avatar is not visible (only on the settings page where it is set).


  • Seafile Server 9.0.2 for Raspberry Pi with MySQL & Nginx
  • Raspberry Pi OS (64bit)
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB

Many thanks in advance!


Seahub → System Admin → Settings:


Set these variables to your public URL, per instructions next to the fields.