Unknown sync error id 9


since I ugraded my seafile client to 7.0.1, I have a recurent error in applet.log “Unknown sync error id 9”.

I was thinking it came from mismatch between server version and client version, so I ugraded my server on RasPi from 6.3.4 to 7.0.3 today and I have the same problem.

It seems to come from my bigest librarie.
When I unsync it, close the client, restart the client, I have no more error in the applet.log.
I try to resync the librarie, the error message comes at the “indexing files” stage.
It never succes to index the files, and I have this error message every second in the log file.
And the synchronisation block all the client, no more sync for the others libraries.
I have to unsync this librarie, stop the client restart it and all other librairies can sync without any problems.
I passed the seaf-fcsk without any problem detected on all my librairies.

Do you have any idea ?