Unlock admin with reset-admin.sh 9.0.2 pro

/seafile-server-latest$ ./reset-admin.sh
SystemCheckError: System check identified some issues:

?: (captcha.recaptcha_test_key_error) RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY or RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY is making use of the Google test keys and will not behave as expected in a production environment
HINT: Update settings.RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY and/or settings.RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY. Alternatively this check can be ignored by adding SILENCED_SYSTEM_CHECKS = ['captcha.recaptcha_test_key_error'] to your settings file.

How can I reset the admin password?

Any idea @daniel.pan or @Jonathan ?
Can I turn this off?

Actually, I don’t know where the error logs come from.