Unusual Seafile empy(ishh) folder that appears empty but isn't

Server installed on VM Ubuntu, client with Library on Win2012 R2 with Library pointing to main team drive / network drive.

when i browse the drive (either from a Win client or Win server) I can see a folder called Seafile, with no files in it.

but right clicking it, it has Size 6.48Mb Size on disk of 50.5Mb and 11,934 files and 466 folders.

It doesn’t correspond to any of the folders or Libs that we have.
Any thoughts from the community?

Please see attached in case anyone else has this issue

Seafile needs a local database for the client to store some important information. This happens in a hidden folder in the Seafile-Folder. The Sub-folder is named “.seafile-data”, this is an expected behaviour.

For performance reasons, this folder should be always on local storage. You can close Seafile, delete the Seafile folder and restart seafile client. After this, you need to re-login and can resync the libraries. Please see: https://download.seafile.com/published/seafile-user-manual/syncing_client/syncing_existing_folders.md

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