Unwanted Quotation marks in download links


I have an issue regarding direct download links: They are always created with quotes. Seems like a minor config issue but I cannot find it. Looks like this then:

From seafile client: https://seafile.example.net/api2/repos/833d692c-6ed2-43bd-95bb-b5b03c68187f/file/shared-link/‘https://seafile.example.net’/f/e55a55d8ab/

From the web client: ‘https://seafile.example.net’/f/e55a55d8ab/

Note the quotation marks before https and after .net. Both links do not work obviously.

Any idea how to fix it?


How is your URL configured in seafile settings?

From the seahub_settings.py:

FILE_SERVER_ROOT = 'https://seafile.example.net/seafhttp'
HTTP_SERVER_ROOT = 'https://seafile.example.net/seafhttp'

and from ccnet.conf:

USER_NAME = example
ID = l98d07fffc214c93e4b4m74b46030458217b67
NAME = example
SERVICE_URL = "https://seafile.example.net"
\#FILE_SERVER_ROOT = https://seafile.example.net:8000

PORT = 13419

ENGINE = mysql
PORT = 3333
USER = seafile_user
PASSWD = sakd943n0!
DB = ccnet-db

Looks like wrong service url. It needs to be configured within ccnet.conf without quotes.

Thanks, tried it but does not help (restarted seafile+seahub of course). Any further ideas?

Possibly configured in the web settings as well which have precedence?