Up- and download links in cluster environment

we’re running a seafile cluster (pro 5.1.8) with two active nodes and one admin node. The cluster name ist sf.mydomain.de which is distributed with VRRP to both servers sf-1.mydomain.de and sf-2.mydomain.de. The users connect to the URL sf.mydomain.de. Now, when a user creates an up- or download link, the link always points to the local address sf-1 or sf-2, but not to the cluster address sf. If one of the servers is down, the link won’t work. Is it possible to generate links with the cluster address?

In my seahub_settings.py I have
SITE_BASE = “https://sf-1.mydomain.de” on the first server and
SITE_BASE = “https://sf-2.mydomain.de” on the second one.
Is this correct or do I have to define the cluster address here?

Currently i can’t view our server config but i think you should set the main cluster adress here.

See manual:

You should make sure the config files on every Seafile server are consistent. It’s critical that you don’t set up Seafile server on each machine separately. You should set up seafile server on one machine then copy the config directory to the other machines.


Note: Use the load balancer’s address or domain name for the server address. Don’t use the local IP address of each Seafile server machine. This assures the user will always access your service via the load balancers.

you should change SERVICE_URL in ccnet.conf to generate up- or download link

SERVICE_URL = https://sf.mydomain.de

and make sure node-1 and node-2 have the same config

Great!!! I changed both, seahub_settings.py and ccnet.conf. Now the links are correct.

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