[UPDATE] NOD32 Antivirus: Windows right-click context menu closes on its own when clicking on a file in SeaDrive

It seems the problem described below arises from a conflict with NOD32 Antivirus (v. When the antivirus protection is on, the right-click context menu closes on its own when clicking on a file. When I pause the antivirus protection the menu works as expected. I hope the conflict is resolved soon, for now I don’t see any resolution besides disabling antivirus protection for the SeaDrive network drive.

I’ve had this problem on SeaDrive 1.0.0 and now on 1.0.3, installed on Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update). Maybe it existed on previous versions too, but I haven’t right-clicked to find out.

The problem is the following: when you right-click on a synced file, the Windows context menu shows only for a very short time and then closes on its own. It appears to affect mostly files that are in a sub-folder of a Library folder - especially doc/docx. If I had to guess, I’d say some function periodically does something (maybe checks whether the contents of the sub-folder has changed) and this causes the menu to close. Maybe it’s just that for some time after it starts SeaDrive is checking which files are synced and which are not and that causes the menu to close?

This bug makes sharing of files from SeaDrive unreliable. I couldn’t find a bug report, so decided to post. Hope this helps to resolve the issue. Just want to say I love Seafile and SeaDrive and appreciate all the great work you do!

I think I know what you mean. I had this problem a couple of weeks ago.

Its gotten better now e.g. is gone.

What have I done so far:

  1. gone with all MS and Seafile Updates.
  2. cleaned up my registry so that Seafile and Git are showing the Sync-Icons.
  • According to this Link I had to kick out older dropbox and onedrive icons from always getting back “on top” in my registry.
    I dont know if this has anything to do with the issue, but it might.

good luck

Thanks for your feedback, mulmer. I’ve checked again and it seems that the problem persists even after running SeaDrive for a long time. I don’t have anything that uses icons like Git, I’ve also removed OneDrive.

I have to mention that I am using OldNewExplorer v1.1.8.4, which restores some of the functionality of Windows Explorer under Windows 7. Don’t know if that can be related, but I doubt it.

Ups I don’t use seadrive.

Further I would not use alternative explorer. You never know how the are programmed and if the work with further MS updates. I would guess that this is causing your issue

Well, I disabled OldNewExplorer (it doesn’t modify system files and it is not a separate/alternative Explorer program) and the bug is still there, nothing changed, so it’s not related.