Update of docker image?

thanks for your work! :slight_smile:

On docker hub (https://hub.docker.com/r/seafileltd/seafile/tags/) the seafile image has not been updated to 6.1.1.
Are there plans to update docker images as well?


We will update the docker image in the next week.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Does the image meanwhile support to be updated without lossing the data locally for each Seafile instance?

Yes, the docker image support upgrade without lossing data.

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Any updates here? :wink:

It is updated now.

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Thank you, just deployed :+1:

Hey Guys.

Any plan to update to 6.2.x ?

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@daniel.pan are there any plans to integrate the creation of the docker image into the CI/Deploy cycle?

Otherwise I feel kinda unsafe to use it in production when it’s not automatically updated to the latest version (e.g. potential security bugs).
Current docker version is 6.1.1, current stable version is 6.2.2 (or 6.1.2)


Is there even some sort of deplyoment cycle for new versions? As updates are not pushed directly to e.g. docker this seems rather something on the wish list.

This could easily be automated. I don’t get it.

Yeah we’re thinking about automating that. For now I have just manually updated the seafile-docker version to the latest 6.2.2.

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Cool thanks!
Nice to hear :slight_smile: