Upgrade elastic search version in order to function with latest java

Dear Seafile developers,

@daniel.pan it seems that there is a version conflict between elastic search and java :
supposably since I’ve upgraded OS to latest Ubuntu Server 18.04.1 LTS the elastic search doesn’t work anymore! I’m running seafile-pro 6.3.7.
After doing some research I suppose it’s because the java version (openjdk 10) that came along with the Ubuntu release isn’t compatible withe elastic search version (can’t tell which version is installed since it doesn’t start, but most likeliy not the latest one!?)!?
According to this Elastic search support matrix elastic search requires some special java versions.
What to do? Should I really downgrade java?
Wouldn’t it be better - also for some other reasons - to upgrade elastic search in the next seafile-server-release to the latest version?!
If there are any plans to do so, I’ll wait for the new version instead of downgrading java…

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

As I’ve just written in the other post, yes.

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Even on Arch my default is openjdk 8 and jre 8. Many programs will never be packed with newer versions, because the developers hate them.

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Thanks for your answers!

I switched back to 1.8 and … tataaaaaaa: search works!!!