Upgrade from 6.1.1

I’m running a Seafile instance for quite some time now. It’s running well and… I haven’t upgraded it since version 6.1.1.

So I would like to upgrade to the latest version (10.0 right?). The upgrade process seems straightforward : download the latest package, run all the upgrade_x_y.sh script and restart the services.

However, the upgrade notes for version 7.1 specifically mentions that we need to install version 7.0 from the installation package version 7.0 before upgrading to 7.1.

Should I do this in my case? If yes, where can I find the previous versions of the installation package? The download pages only provides the latest version.
Also, if yes, should I do this for every major version?



Just done that with a 6.2 to a v10. I needed to download v7 (and do the update until v7), and then v10, just to manage the python2 to 3 change.
To get a v7 tarball, change the version number in the download url, it works.

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Awesome, thank you! It worked exactly as expected!

Thanks for posting. This is the kind of tip that is a life-saver for a lot of folks.