Upgrade from CE to Pro? But Pro are on 6.1.9 and CE on 6.2.2

I’m currently running CE 6.2.2 x64 version and I want to upgrade to Pro.
But according to the manual it need to be the same verison, but when I’m looking at the Pro version the latest one is 6.1.9 so how do I upgrade now?

Or is it not possible to upgrade?


The 6.2. beta has already been released, see: https://manual.seafile.com/changelog/changelog-for-seafile-professional-server.html

It’s BETA and also 6.2.0 the CE is 6.2.2.

But I’ll just re-install everything and choose 6.1.9 PRO and install that, I’ll try it out with 3 users and if it works as good as the CE version I’ll buy the licens for more users.

Seafile is so easy to install and maintain.