Upgrade from Seafile server 7.0.4 to 7.0.5 fails

Good morning,

I’d asked that question before, but cannot find the post anymore: I wanted to upgrade Seafile server on a RPi from 7.0.4 to 7.0.5 but starting Seafile afterwards shows the error message:

./seafile.sh: line 84: 1748 Illegal instruction LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$SEAFILE_LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${seaf_controller} --test -c “${default_ccnet_conf_dir}” -d “${seafile_data_dir}” -F “${central_config_dir}”

I had a look already, but do not know, what causes that error.
Thus any help is appreciated.

@Niclas most probably you have an older rpi b+ / rpi or you distro is end of life support, like jessie, etc. If the second is true, upgrading your distro will solve your problem.

Ah, ok, I should have mentioned the specs.
The RPi is a RPi 3, running Stretch. An upgrade to Buster is planned.

7.0.4 runs smoothly and I “downgraded” to that version again after the minor upgrade failed.

@Niclas no issues. RPI3 + Stretch is totally fine.Strange: normally illegal instructions generally means such kind of issue.

and sorry for the answer delay, somehow I didn’t get any automatical mail from seafile forum.

No problem. :slight_smile: Generally thanks for replying.
But do you have any clue what it could be? Otherwise I stay with the current release, although it causes a strange sync issue currently (see me other post) and will try a release > 7.0.5 when available.