Upgrade path from Seafile 4.4.3

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is there a recommended way how to upgrade an old installation (Seafile server 4.4.3) to the most current one? Do I have to upgrade from one major version to the next? Or can I do this huge step in one step? Does the data structure or the database need to be migrated / adapted?

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Frank Neps

Just take a look in the upgrade dir.

4.4 --> 5.0 --> 5.1 --> 6.0 --> 6.1 --> 6.2 --> 6.3 --> 7 (wont recommend yet - atleast CE is still buggy)

Hmmm, thank you… in the upgrade directory the latest script updates from 4.3 to 4.4 (file name is upgrade_4.3_4.4.sh). However, I am already on 4.4.3… how can I go further to 5.0 in the next step? In the download area I can’t find any older versions, only the most current version…

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Just download the latest target upgrade version, e.g., 6.3 or 7. You will find those upgrade scripts inside, e.g., 4.4 to 5.0.
I don’t recommend 7 right now too, because it is not stable enough for production use yet, but OK for testing.
Also remember to do a full backup (or disk snapshot if in VM) before the upgrade, in case there is any glitch in the upgrade process so that you can rollback.

As 1111 allready statet, obviously you have to download a new version to get the upgrade scripts :smiley:

Thanks a lot, I downloaded the correct version and found the scripts.

I will try the upgrade during the next weekend :wink:

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