Upgrade seafile community server

I am looking for how to upgrader seafile server community v4.06 to 6.0.9.
My server to upgrade is under debian 6 with mysql and apache.
I need to restore the user data.
how to do? Is there a way to do this? When I try to upgrade using the provided scripts, I have errors.
thank you.

Please provide more information:

  • Exact steps you took
  • At which step occured the error, error code, error message…
  • Which user data do you need to restore? Same version, older version, or do you mean, that you just want the user data to stay after the upgrade? :stuck_out_tongue:

When I try upgrade seafile on the same OS debian 6, there is an incompatibility with the version of apache 2.2 and impossible to install apache 2.4 with this version of debian. Sorry, I no longer have the error codes generated.
I just want to keep the user data after upgarde.
Is it possible to stay on debian 6 with seafile 6.0.9?
If this is not possible, I search the good practice to do this upgrade (OS + seafile)


That’s probably not really that you want to hear, but as Debian 6 is no longer maintained and doesn’t get any security patches, I would strongly recommend to upgrade your OS :wink:

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