Upgrade seafile


Our server currently runs Seafile version 9 on Ubuntu 18. Due to the recent releases of versions 10 and 11, we need to upgrade. However, these latest versions only support Ubuntu 20 or higher. I attempted a direct upgrade from Ubuntu 18 to 20 after updating Seafile to version 10, but it doesn’t appear to be functioning.

Could someone provide guidance on the best approach in this situation?

Thank you.

I had a similar problem a few years ago. I don’t remember what version of ubuntu I was using at the time, but the upgrade wasn’t going smoothly. What I did was to make a new server VM on the new OS (Debian since I wanted to get away from ubuntu anyway), and then move the data over to it. This keeps the old server around in case things go bad you can just delete the new one and start again.

For the specific steps, I would point to the backup and restore options in the admin manual. Backup and Recovery - Seafile Admin Manual Basically do a backup from the old one and restore to the new, and then install the new version and do the usual upgrade stuff (upgrade_9.0_10.0.sh and upgrade_10.0_11.0.sh scripts, installing new dependencies, etc).