Upgrade strategy from a very old version (4.4.3)

I have a very old version - seafile-server-4.4.3 - installed in 2015. I would like to, somehow, bring it up to the latest version. What is my best strategy? Should I perform the upgrade for every minor version? Can I skip versions? Also, where do I find older versions to download? On your website I can’t seem to find a place that holds all versions.

The python dependencies also changed a lot. Python 3.x is required with 7.1.

You can directly go to the latest version and only have to run all the major upgrade scripts.
4.4 -> 5
5 -> 5.1
5.1 -> 6.0 and so on

@shoeper Thank you! I already did 4.4 -> 5 because I had version seafile-server-5.0.4 already downloaded.

Anyone, please, where can I get the next version? If that is 5.1 where do I get it from?
I need to do 5 -> 5.1 upgrade now.
Thank you.

The scripts are all included within the latest release.

So, you say that I can just grab the latest release and run them one by one? Reminds me kind of like MediaWiki upgrades.

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