Upgrade to 6.0.3 broken librarys

I just updated from 5.1.3 to 6.0.3 bij using de upgradescript.

after the upgrade both seafile and seahub didn’t start. With systemctl status i found out it was a problem with de user rights. Because all the directory’s are owned by userX en not root i changed user in the systemctl config files from “root” to “userX”. Seafile and Seahub are starting but when i log in to the interfaces a get broken library’s. What should i do to fix this?

Is the seahub-data (and its subfolders) owned by root or userx?

seafile-data and subdirs are owned by userx. The files in block’s are owned by root
seahub-data and subdir avatars by userx thumbs is owned by root.

It makes sense then that is doesn’t work. but why doesn’t it start anymore than?

I think we should give a short guide how to upgrade :joy:

The command chown -R userx:groupx seafiledirectory should be on the top of the FAQs.

Consider to follow and remember such these 3 short indications for the next time:

I followed the manual. There isn’t anything written about the command chown. Still strange for me that before it was working even when the directory rights weren’t wright.

I agree with you. Yes, this happens usually when updating, because the user with which you were upgrading doesn’t match the one which you had earlier installed.

I guess you did the same mistake like me and started the upgrade script with the wrong user - I was not aware that the script can change the folder/file permissions depending on the user who starts it.