Upgrade to Seafile 6 failed..?

I have upgraded Seafile many times now, from version 2.x. We were on 5.1.1 today and wanted to upgrade to 6.0.4, and followed the usual steps on https://manual.seafile.com/deploy/upgrade.html;

  • Shutdown server
  • Run upgrade script upgrade_5.1_6.0.sh
  • Start server

There were no issues during installation, but after start, from the desktop app I saw an empty repository and from the browser, only the header bar would load on the start page and the seafadmin url was showing this:

Our seafile-data folder is in a different location (other hard drive) and when I checked it, the size looked fine. I have now reverted the symlink to the old version and luckily the server is running again. but not on the new version.

What can cause this issue?

The url of sysadmin page has changed from /sys/seafadmin to /sysadmin/ .

Thanks, however this was just part of my issue, and apparently irrelevant. The issue remains that on v6, the browser app doesn’t load properly and the desktop app shows an empty repo.

I have just re-done the process and it seems to be working now. Looks like a glitch on our side. The browser just required a hard refresh :facepalm: