Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 failed (PE 7.1.3)

Spend today lots of time trying to get seafile again running after upgrading Ubuntu from 19.10 to 20.04.
Gave up and restored my image before the upgrade.

Following issues:

Python: Seahub failed to start missing “captcha” - ok, did again all the installs as discribed in the upgrade manual to install all missing python items. Here as well some issue as “pylibmc” does NOT install as such. Some search to find out what is needed to install this as well (but as I’m not using memcache this was a useless exercise).

Then seahub starts - but stops after a while without any entry into log-files (changed seahub-settings.py to DEBUG). All works fine in the beginning (can access library, view files, etc.). Then seahub crashes with a “timeout” error.

So I wait until others make this experience and will stay with 19. for a longer time.

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