Upgrading seafile CE 6.3.4 to 7.0.5 - blank page problem

I upgraded my seafile CE server from 6.3.4 to 7.0.5 and I have a problem with seahub.

The problem is that I start seahub, it works fine and I can login on the webinterface but after that the page is only loading a blank page. No relevant error messages are given.

When I look at the source code I do see that it loads a page, but that page contains a javascript and then stops with this error message:

Loading failed for the <script> with source “https://****.com/media/assets/frontend/js/app.faa7ba429394.js”.

Also when I try to stop the seahub server through the ./seahub.sh stop it says stopping and done, but when I try to restart the seahub server it says that it is already running and I do see the gunicorn processes still running.

Anybody an suggestion on how to solve that problem.

When I revert back to 6.3.4 everything works fine.

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